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Stanwycks Photography Specializes in Peolple, Places & Things...


Stanwycks Photo Services

Headshots, Executives, Models & Talent

Commercial Photography, Aerial, Corporate, Lifestyle

Photography Workshops & Classes

Wherever we are, New Orleans or Mississippi, or the United States we love creating images....

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We Specialize in Photographing People...

People Photography for Commercial Usages, Corporate, Modeling & Acting

Stanwycks Photography - Headshots, Portfolios, Models and Talent

Photographing People, Creating Brands...

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in Photographing People for Industry, Corporate, and Lifestyle Images. One day we are in the studio photographing Headshots ,and the next day at the convention Center Photographing 100 people for a corporate website. Every day is different and person is different. Our job is to make everyone stand out and look good for whatever the assignment...

Corporate & Executive Headshots

Headshots In Studio, On-Location & Conventions, Corporate

Stanwycks Photography's staff can set up a studio at your location. we can Photograph your Conventions and set up our Famous headshots lounge at your Convention! What better place to photograph your People when they are all together at a convention in New Orleans!

Models & Talent, Headshots and Portfolios

Model Portfolios & Actors Headshots

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in Photographing Model Portfolios and Actors headshots. We Love creating Portfolios and headshots. "I love to find new locations for a model to play in so we can create images that reflect their personality and style. The end result is what makes it great especially when clients can't decide what they want because they love their images! Every subject is different. Our job is to make everyone stand out and look good,  whatever the assignment...

Lifestyle Photography, Personally....

Photography for You

 Families, Portraits, Graduation, & Boudoir Photography...

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle Photography Information

Lifestyle Photography are the images we hold of those important to us... Images that unwrap parts of out lives of People, Places and Events in the studio, on-location, and at venues where our lives unfold...

Lifestyle Images

Family & Couple's Photography

Weddings, Engagement, Save the Date

Boudoir Sessions

Places & Things...

Commercial Photography of People Places and Things

Commercial Images Create Images for Your Business

Commercial Photography

» Advertising

» Branding

» Mixed Media Usages

» Great Studio Support

Commercial Photography | Create Your Brand...

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in commercial photography. Our Photographers create images that show your company's products in the best light, heightening the corporate brand. A picture is sometimes worth 1000 words, but hopefully the images we create for you can generate $1,000's of dollars!

Architectural, Interior Exterior Photography

Architectural Photography for Commercial Real Estate, Designers, Builders & Architects

Aerial Photography

"Ideas are what creates great Images!"

Aerial Photography - A view while flying one afternoon...

Vicki Stanwycks Photographer Shooting Aerial Photography over the Mouth of the Mississippi River

"Ideas are what creates great Images!"

Architectural Photography 

Architectural, Industrial and Aerial Photography

Architectural Photography for Commercial Real Estate, Designers, Builders & Architects

Industrial Photography

Aerial Photography

"Ideas are what creates great Images!"

Location and Studio Work...

Vicki Stanwycks | Professional Photographer

A sampling of some of our commercial work...

Latest Photographic Technolgies & Equipment

» Latest Technology Camera Equipment & Lenses

» Studio and Location Lighting

» Experienced Photographers

» On-Line Viewing and Purchasing

» We Make it Very Easy for Our Clients

"We Love What We do!"

"We love what we do as photographers at Stanwycks Photography. We like the people we have the opportunity to work with and for. Every assignment big or small is treated with the utmost in respect and methodology. We take imaging seriously, however, we like to have fun in the process!"

General Photography Information

Stanwycks Professional Photography Studio

Studio Services

  • Full Studio for lighting Product, Commercial Photography and Kitchen facilities for Food Photography including Wi-fi
  • Product Photography various Lighting styles available in Studio or Location
  • Studio to accommodate People and Product, refrigeration if necessary
  • Headshots and Portraits - various Backgrounds and Green Screen Available
  • Studio Set Up, Corporate Headshots
  • Headshots for Actors and Models
  • Portfolios & Comp Cards
  • Various Sessions Available and Rates Depending on Assignments
  • On Line Viewing, Ordering of Images and Prints
  • Retouching and of Images for People and Commercial Projects
  • Drop Box

Studio & Location

If you need a studio, we have one in the Heart of New Orleans...

We offer:

  • Your Location or ours
  • Assistant if applicable
  • Different Lighting Kits - Assignment Dependent
  • Food Stylists available for Food Assignments

Location Services

  • Product Photography with various Lighting styles available On - Location and People at work, including corporate environments and industrial locations, construction and progress Photography, all Environments; Land, Sea, Air....
  • Headshots and Portraits On Location
  • Studio Set Up, On - Location for Corporate Headshots and Environments
  • Mobile Lighting Set Ups for studio environments and natural location settings
  • Candid Photography of Events, Corporate & Personal Events including Groups, Parties, Galas, Speakers,  Fund Raisers, Charity, Tradeshows,  etc.
  • Headshots and Portfolios for Actors and Models
  • Several Photographers and Assistants available for larger events
  • Over 23 years Experience for all kinds Events and Commercial Assignments


We offer varied pricing structures for different assignments, based on time, or by the session. Depending on what you need,  we can figure out a cost effective plan of action for you.

We offer:

  • Sessions
  • Packages
  • Half Day
  • Full Day
  • Event Rates
  • Convention Rates
  • Cost Effective
  • Major Credit Cards

Pre and Post Production

To get great images, it's more than just the shoot day, it's the pre planning that goes into each and every assignment. After the assignment's over, the images must be prepared for your usage.  Much goes into each phase of any photography shoot: Planning, Supplies, Staff, Timing, Equipment, Travel,  The actual Shoot, Downloading, and then post production and finally delivery.

Photographic Skill & Experience

Most people can take a picture it's true, especially with a Smart Phone. However to execute a good image that is more than just snap shot, it requires experience behind the camera, and an eye for what to capture and how to measure the light - in relationship to the subject. Not only is it measuring light, but it's placing the light so that someone or something looks it's best. It's our job to do that and to also make it look easy.

"It Looks Easy"
Just Press the Button...

As Professional Photographers it's also our job to make it look somewhat easy. Yet... I am here to tell you we work very hard for our client's from the minute they call and hire us, to the minute the job is delivered. We need it to feel easy for our clients so that they can concentrate on the important parts of where our Photographs are going to go next after our job is finished.


StanwycksPhotography Products and Features

New Orleans Photo Arts Products

Photographic Prints

Print Products

Various sized Prints Available From Our On-Line Store Including

  • Prints Various Sizes from 4x5 to 30 x40, Even bigger
  • Canvas Style Gallery Wraps
  • Portfolios 
  • Comp Cards
  • Metal Wall Prints
  • Invitations & Cards
  • Mouse Pads
  • Cups
  • Calendars
Computer Services and Graphic Design

Retouching, Layout, Design Services

Layout and Design Services including Adding Type to Images, Creating Books - start to finish. Retouching and Remastering available for all images. Some images need retouching to fix blemishes and wrinkles. Other Images need retouching to make some details of a photograph disappear or stand out... 

  • Retouching
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Book and Album Layouts
  • Special Effects and Painting Styles on Images
  • Artful Renderings Including Black & White, Warhol Style, etc
  • Portfolios & Comp Cards

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394
e-mail us at

Did we mention that we like to shoot ships?

DSC_0362 (2)-2

We like to shoot Ships, Rigs, Barges, Yachts, Tugs...

New Orleans Photography Classes and Workshops

Learning Photography with Vicki Stanwycks

Workshops & Classes

Photography Workshops & Classes

Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes. Our classes cover basic photography and more advanced levels, coaching, shooting and post production. Our Workshops take people on New Orleans and Louisiana adventures, from the beautiful Bayou, the colorful French Quarter and the History filled Grave Yards throughout New Orleans... We even offer a Photography bootcamp that really want to up their photographic game!

Photography Workshops, Classes & Adventures

Photography Workshops

Photography Workshops

"Photography is an Adventure,  for sure!"

Learning how to use your camera and doing it at our New Orleans Photography Workshops can prove fun, interesting and offers a New Orleans Experience, for sure!  We offer different kinds of workshops, and you can check it out on the Studio's workshop pages. Whether you're in the swamps or on a weekend shoot, you will create Interesting Photographs, and images that will spark your enthusiasm.

Read More on our About page

Photography Workshops
& Classes

  • Beginners Classes & Workshops
  • Intermediate Shooters
  • Light & Shadow, Exposure
  • Digital Processing
  • Creating your Artistic Style With Photography
  • Custom Classes & Workshops
  • Travel Photography
  • Color and Black & White

Photography Classes

Photography Classes

The Stanwycks Photography Studio offers Photography workshops, classes and coaching for the beginner to seasoned shooters wanting to get more from their Photography Experience.

Most workshops are designed to be one on one, you and the Instructor, Vicki Stanwycks. This way all the attention is focused on you. Any questions or information that needs more attention is at your pace and not at the pace of a class with many participants.

We are here to help you understand Photography.

If you have an interest in Photography, please go check out our workshops and class pages so you can find what you might be interested in. Please give us a call so we can get you scheduled. You won't be sorry! You will see your Camera and Photography in a very  different light!!!

Stanwycks Photography offers Photography Workshops & Classes for those interested in learning more about photography coupled with a Workshop Experience will heighten how you see and shoot your images.

Colorful Photography and Artful Images

Creating Colorful Photography, Perhaps with an Artful Flair... Wherever we are, and whatever we do, there is always a little bit of color that makes our life brighter... Creating that in Pictures is our passion! Shooting for Clients or teaching Photography in our workshops, it's all about finding the best picture no matter the subject matter. We love Photography and bring that passion both professionally and personally for sure!  -Vicki Stanwycks

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394

New Orleans Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Photography, Event Photographers, Art, Classes & Workshops

Mardi Gras Photography Workshops

Mardi Gras is a Big Part Of New Orleans Culture

Stanwycks Photography/New Orleans Photo - Loves Mardi Gras and has been shooting Mardi Gras for over 20 years.... The Stanwycks Photography Studio lies on the Parade Route, a great area to get stunning Mardi Gras Photos. Most of the Mardi Gras Parades start right in front of our studio. We offer a great place to see and photograph all the action, right from our studio and take you to all the great spots to shoot Compelling Mardi Gras Images. Call today, we are booking fast!

Professional Photographers with Experience, Skill and Talent

Mardi Gras in New Orleans
Everything in Life is timing... Getting the right shot is timing and that timing comes from skill, experience and knowing the right time to shoot the shot...  Whatever the Project, Our photographers can help with projects - big or small... We create the best images that speak to your audience, Corporate Advertising, and Events...

Photography and Creating a Brand for You or Your Company

We Produce Great Photography for
People , Places and Things

Drop us a line today for a free quote!

We Offer Awesome Photography Services... & Are Here To Help You

Studio Services

Check out New Orleans Photo's different services. When we say we shoot "People, Places and Things..." We really mean it!

We offer a wide variety of experience.  When we are shooting your assignment we don't just bring cameras and lighting gear, we will know just what to do, to create the images you need!

Get In Touch

New Orleans Photo, Stanwycks Photography would love for you to take a look around our web site and then if you like it, we hope you will contact us for your next assignment.

If you have some ideas for a Photo Shoot, we can discuss it and figure out what works best for you!  -Thank you!

About Us


Colorful Images or Black and White, In Studio or On-Location... We create photography for all walks of life every day.

Please check out our "About Us" page so you can know more about who you are working with. We work all over New Orleans, Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

Ready to find out more about our Photography Studio?

We would like very much to discuss  your project with you!
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Models Girls_22-2

Developing an Idea to Behind the Scenes

Shooting Images to Post Production

Commercial Photography and Image Development

Who ever you are, whatever  types of images you require, we can create Imagery for the web, Social media and  publications...  We shoot focused on the latest trends, with an advertising spin. We have worked with many art directors and agencies knowing what the specs are.

Stanwycks has been shooting Commercially for more than 23 years including still life photography, people and products at the New Orleans studio, the Mississippi Studio and on- location, as assignments dictate.

Design & Marketing for Companies and Individuals

You may need your images for the Web, Publications, Ads, etc. including social media.

We can shoot whatever you need.  Are you working with an art director, an agency or a graphic design firm?

Whatever the need we develop a finished images that you will be proud of....

Images shot and processed are with the utmost care to detail and usage. And best of all we make it easy for clients, taking the worry out of preparation, logistics, and their final images.

Shooting Images to Post Production

Camera Cropped
Retouching and Remastering for Our Clients. We Make you Look Natural with a little bit of  Finesse...

The Shoot, Retouching & Image Enhancement

Stanwycks Studio offers a full range of processing,  Retouching and Graphic Design services. We do our best and it shows in our images.

However things that already exist in a landscape eg., sometimes need retouching to remove a light pole, or electrical lines that surround a structure... Worried about a blemish? We can retouch images to add or remove or embellish details.

Our techs enhance photographs every day including  sky's, buildings, commercial facades, teeth whitening,  hair,  scars,   glasses, etc.  Our skilled techs can fix it,  no problem...

Perhaps you have seen us around town...

Perhaps you have seen us shooting around the coast. We shoot on location, offices, casinos for events, some local advertising, Executives, and some not so pretty stuff like industrial photography.

Whatever it is we can photograph your next assignment delivering the kind of quality you need for your audience.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394
e-mail us at

"We have had our clients for years..."

Image Design / Branding Examples

Our Images are great for your Brand

Our studio is a commercial photography studio that specializes in photography that features your business; wherever you need to show your images...

Good photography tells a story about who you are and what you do, it's what we do. We help you create that image! Are you putting a Web site together? Do you need to have images that reflect your brand?  Stanwycks Photography/New Orleans Photo creates images for all types of mixed media...  Websites, Facebook, Handouts, Brochures, LinkedIn, and whatever you need.

Grabbing your audience's attention is really important to the success of your business...

How your audience sees your website or promotional materials are important to the success of your business. Everything is visual from the phone to your computer. Trusting your visual materials to professionals who know how to create images that sell, is important to your success...Creating a plan of action is crucial to any photo shoot and that's what we do!


Services in New Orleans & Gulf Coast

Stanwycks Photography's main location is in the heart of New Orleans. We Shoot all over Louisiana and are also on the Gulf Coast every in Gulfport and Bay St. Louis. Doesn't matter where we are, Stanwycks shoots on-location, for Corporate, Industrial or Lifestyle assignments.

We shoot on-location and set up at your location or ours. We will set up a studio almost anywhere depending on the assignment. The main focus is to make it easy for clients and deliver quality images that reflect your look and brand.

Super Support

At Stanwycks Photograph we strive to deliver great Images,  Outstanding Customer Service. Every customer is important and creating images that are important to you, is just as important to us. Many of our clients have been with us for years and we  are their Go -To photographers. We want to shoot your first assignment and for a long time to come.



Photography Excellence

Studio or On-Location Stanwycks Photography creates images for you and your team, whatever the project. Our Photography services are excellent and come with 23+ years of experience. We offer  cutting edge technology to insure you are getting the best in imaging.

Please call us today

We try to help you come up with a plan for your Photography  so that your projects run smoothly and cost effective. "A  good plan can make all the difference in the world to any assignment, especially yours..."

Client Love

Stanwycks Photography creates Images for Executives

David Briggs

"Wow! Had no idea what goes into a photo shoot. We had to shoot our company, including the people that run it (Me and my family) and our employees. We had to shoot what we manufacture and make it look good. We left it to Vicki and she put it all together for us, from the shoot days to giving us final images for our graphic designers. All we had to do was show up and smile... Thank you Vicki!"


Jennifer Otello

"We had been planning a Luncheon event for several months, a corporate meeting with several award recipients and speakers. One of our staff was going to shoot it and they got sick. Stanwycks Photography stepped in and got exactly what we needed and more. We used the photos for our website and our upcoming newsletter. We will hire them again. They saved the day!"

Where to Find Our Services, New Orleans and Near the Beach in Mississippi...

"Our Mobile Studio out of Slidell, or on The Gulf Coast in Waveland... Gulfport, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis... we have your assignment covered. We go on-location most of the time. We can set up a studio anywhere if that's what the assignment requires.

Everything is by appointment only so give us a call so we can schedule your assignment or a consultation. Thank you..."  - Vicki Stanwycks

Stanwycks Photography Mobile Studio on Gause Blvd. Slidell, LA

Stanwycks Photography on the Gulf Coast in Waveland, MS

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Stanwycks Photography offers Imaging services in the studio or on-location. Our pricing is competitive and experience speaks volumes. We offer the latest in technology and deliver the best imaging Products ever.  Please call so we can have the opportunity to discuss what you are thinking and will help you turn your thoughts and ideas into reality!
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