Model Photography and Portfolios

Modeling Photography and Portfolios

Modeling & Portfolios

Stanwycks Photography Shoots Models & Talent Headshots & Portfolio's

Model Portfolios, Comp Cards and Graphic Design

Headshots For Modleing Portfolios...

Headshots with Style...

Classic Black and White, Timeless Looks
Beautiful and Striking Headshots With Your Model Portfolios

Musicians and Talent

Modeling Sessions

New Orleans Photo, Stanwycks Photography Specializes in Modeling Portfolios, Comp Cards and Headshots. Different Model Sessions Available.

One to 6 Outfit Sessions

Provacative Fun Looks on Location

Everyone Should Have Fun While Working!
We Shoot Model Portfolios including Headshots, Full Body and several changes of clothes, both in the studio and on-location. Our Photographer's love making you look good in front of the camera!

New Orleans Modeling Photography

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Models_ Boys_26-2
Models Girls_22-2
Models Girls_14
Models Girls_42-3
Child Modeling Headshot
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Headshots 2013aB 169 (Side 169)
Headshots 2013aB 185 (Side 185)
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Models, Headshots, Portfolios and Comp Cards

Sample Layouts, Headshots for Actors...  Models and Talent's 8x10's, 5 x 8.5, 5x7's Comp Cards & Portfolios Different sizes and layouts available...Facebook Layouts and Photos for your Actors and Models  Facebook Page

Model & Talent Headshots & Portfolios

Models & Talent Mini Headshots & Portfolio Gallery

Models, Talent & Portfolio, Photo Session Information

Modeling Sessions are key to getting noticed in your career in the Modeling Industry. Stanwycks designs Modeling Portfolios and Comp Cards from your Photo shoot. We have several Locations that exemplify your looks. We also have a studio to get great headshots. Please call today for your consultation.
This is just a sampling of some of the Beautiful Models & Talent we have worked with...

Models & Talent

Headshots On Location and in the Studio...

Modeling Portfolios and Comp Cards

Modeling Photography

Model Sessions, Portfolios, Comp Cards, Facebook, Retouching, Slide Shows, Mini Web Sites...

Our Packages begin at $289.


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Modeling Photography

Stanwycks Photography Studios specializes in shooting Models.  Our Photographers create looks that reflect you,  get you noticed.

New Orleans Photo offers simple  sessions to Super Model Sessions.

Location Photo sessions using New Orleans as a colorful backdrop and enhances your style.  Our Studio's sessions for Models are shot with the end result in mind for portfolio's, Comp cards, web sites and creating your special brand.  We shoot for individuals and several agencies around town.

We love  shooting on location using some of the backgrounds we love. Facebook, Comp Cards, and On Line Portfolios are available through us.  If you have some ideas please tell us so we can shoot it.

People look their best when they host looks that are more authentic. Working from an individual perspective we  create looks that are trendy, edgy, detailed and colorful.

So you want to become a model...

So how does one get started at becoming a model? Many have asked us over the years and are attracted to the glamour and the work.

If modeling were so easy everyone would be doing it, which is why everyone's not.

Modeling is hard work. Attention to details and how you manage your life; diet, exercise, grooming, etc. are important. Keen attention to detail and trends are absolutely key to any success.  The competition for modeling is fierce. A Model must be strong and have to deal with rejection.  On any given day an agency may be looking or not looking for your look.

Stanwycks Coaches Subjects from a Photographers point of view and has worked with countless Models, Advertising Agencies and Agents.  Call today!

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Studio Information for Models

Vicki Stanwycks has been shooting Models and Portfolios for over 23 years. New Orleans Photo creates images that make Portfolios dynamic.  The studio's style  is more spontaneous and geared towards advertising.

Stanwycks has been in the advertising Industry for more than 20 years and has developed a unique style that she is known for.

"We like to create a plan before the shoot, especially the More Involved Model shoots... Knowing details, outfits,  locations, etc.  eliminates surprises. This allows us to be focused on you during the shoot.

When we pull it all together the images look great.   We love working with Models and making our subjects look amazing."

The Studio Suggests...

"New Orleans Photo offers simple packages and more advanced  shooting sessions depending on how serious you are about your Modeling career in the Industry... Some Individuals may want to update their look... Your Brand these days is everything!"

Before Modeling Sessions we like to schedule a consultation to see  what you want from the session, come up with a plan and get you started right away.

Whatever your thoughts for your modeling career, we can make it happen.  We have suggestions and love to try new things. We have  great  success with the people we work with.  The more you time you put into modeling, the more you will get out of it.


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Modeling, Actors Headshots and Comp Cards, Portfolios

If you need Comp Cards and Head Shots to hand out at auditions and Calls, we offer various themes and Sample Layouts to choose from, with affordable pricing

  • Sample Layouts,
  • Headshots for Actors,
  • Models and Talent's 8x10's, 5 x 8.5, 5x7's
  • Comp Cards & Portfolios

Comp Cards... Different sizes and layouts available...

See Our examples. Facebook Time Lines and Photos for your  Actors Facebook Page.

Modeling & Actors Photo Sessions

It's as easy as calling us and booking an appointment

  • Studio Simple One Look/Outfit Session

  • Location Simple One Outfit Session

  • Two Outfit Session in Studio

  • Two Outfits in Studio and On-location

  • Additional Looks As Many as you want, Inquire

  •  Full and Half Day Rates Available If More is required than a session

  • Images Sent via Drop Box

  • Headshots, Comp Card, Facebook Portfolios and Social Media Layouts available

  • Retouching and Remastering Available
  • Portfolios and Books Created


Headshots 2013aB 169 (Side 169)

Book A Modeling or Headshot Photo Session

Book a session with our photographers today to reserve studio time. Different sessions available for single looks or several clothing changes.

Get your images to the agencies and casting directors  and get noticed as soon as possible. Send your Comp Cards and Portfolio Cards to Casting Companies in New Orleans, they are busy with movies and productions of all kinds. Take advantage of what New Orleans and the surrounding areas have to offer for those who want to be a part of Model and Acting.

Get your Headshots done right with Stanwycks Photography. First impressions make all the difference in the world to how casting and art directors see you. Good headshots and portfolios will get you the work you're looking for.

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Models Girls_29
Headshots Web Site-005
Headshots Web Site-007-2

Modeling and Talent Sessions by New Orleans Photo Stanwycks Photography

We have been photographing Models & Talent for more than 23 years.
Portfolios, Headshots and Models Comp Cards

Phone:  504.899.9394



Personalities Transformed in Pictures

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General Information & Rates

Actors Basic Session

$139. Session
  • One Look/Outfit
  • Studio Session of up to 35 Images Photographed
  • Immediate Viewing of Photo Session in Studio
  • Image Consultation with Photographer
  • One Final LIte Retouched Image
  • All Images Avaialble Please Inquire
  • Images sent via Dropbox

Actors & Models Headshots

$159. to $369. Pick How many Outfits
  • One, Two or Three Looks/Outfits
  • Studio Session of up to 40 images photographed per look (sometimes more)
  • Immediate Viewing of Photo Session so you can pick same day
  • Photographers Consultaion about what looks work best for you
  • One Retouched Image Per Outfit - One Block of Retocouching
  • Various Styles of retouching Available depending on where you want the attention
  • All Images Available, Please Inquire

Headshots - Several Looks

Starting at $239 Session
  • Studio and Studio Location Looks - Headshots
  • The number of outfits are up to you
  • After 3 Outfits - $60. an outfit
  • One remastered Image Lightly retouched per outfit
  • Retouching or Remastering depending on what you request
  • Studio Image Consultation Following the Shoot
  • Photographer and Subject picks what images work best for your final selections
  • All Images available Please Inquire
Headshots Web Site-009
Headshots Web Site-005

With every session we view your images right after the session.  We can also upload your images onto the Web Site for client selections.

As a Model or Actor you are in the public, working with all types, casting directors, art directors, hair & makeup stylists, etc... Then there is the camera... You have to look good for the camera so you can impress all the people you will be working with, not to mention who will be your fans.  

Your Professional Photos are so important,  your audience will have their first contact with you, and see you through their eyes.. They will see your brand. Hiring Clients through Agencies, Casting And Art Directors sometimes hire you from your Comp Cards or Portfolio.

Stanwycks Photography knows how to make you look good for the camera and help in the process of getting you work in such a competitive industry.

Modeling Photo Sessions

Book a session with our photographers today to reserve studio time. Different sessions available for single looks to several clothes changes.

Get your images to the agencies and casting directors to get noticed as soon as possible. the harder you work at this, the more inclined you are to get work!

New Orleans is busy with Modeling, Events, the convention Center, Commercials, Movies and Productions of all kinds. Take advantage of what New Orleans has to offer for those of you who want to be a part of this growing industry, here in New Orleans.

Models, and Actors Branding Photography Sessions

Whatever you can dream for you Images, we make it happen in the studio or at several locations.. We have worked with clients who have some unique ideas.

Do you need Pictures for Your Portfolios? We make Portfolios, Comp cards, Books, and CD Covers.

Our New Orleans Photographers have shot for Magazines, Books,  CD covers for various artists including Rappers, Jazz, and all kinds of artists. Call today to get those great shots for your  Brand, Portfolio, Web Site, Company, and Social Media...

Headshots 2013aB 203 (Side 203)

With every session we look at your images in our viewing room on the same day. We can also upload your photos onto our Web Site. You can view your session from anywhere. Al images are password protected.

Modeling Sessions

Models & Actors

  • Models  and Actors Photo  Sessions
  • Studio Simple One Look/Outfit Session
  • On-Location Simple One Outfit Session
  • Two Outfit Session in Studio
  • Two Outfits in Studio and On-location
  • Additional Looks As Many as you want, Inquire
  • Full and Half Day Rates Available
  • Portfolios and Social Media
  • Facebook available for your Facebook Actors Page
  • Images on Drop Box available
  • Headshots, Comp Card Layouts, Layouts available

Ongoing Workshops 2019 | Call today

Working in front of a Camera Workshop

Everyone thinks it's so easy, right? This workshop clothing, facial care before the shoot, and different looks will be covered including posing.

Developing Ideas For Model Portfolios & Comp Cards

Modeling Portfolios & Headshots should be fun but taken seriously...

Shooting for The Brand

Who ever you are, whatever types of images you require, we create styled shots and Spontaneous Images for Magazines, publications, and the Internet...  We shoot keeping up with the latest trends, with an advertising spin, Keeping in mind the Client's Brand. We have worked with many art directors and agencies knowing what is needed for either web or publications.

Stanwycks has been shooting Commercially for more than 23 years including table top photography, people and products at the New Orleans studio, the Mississippi Studio and on- location, as assignments dictate.

Shooting Images to Post Production


"We like to get it right first, in the camera..."

The Shoot, Retouching & Image Enhancement

Stanwycks Studio offers a full range of processing,  Retouching and Graphic Design services. We do our best to get it right in the camera and with lighting. However things that already exist sometimes are a  part of an original photo and need retouching to remove a light pole, or electrical lines that surround a structure... Worried about a blemish? We  take care of it.

Our techs enhance photographs every day including  sky's, buildings, commercial facades, teeth whitening,  hair,  scars,   glasses, etc.  Our skilled techs can fix it,  no problem...

Design & Marketing for Companies and Individuals

You may need your images for the Web, Magazines, Ads, etc. including social media.

We can shoot what ever you need.  Are you working with an art director, an agency or a graphic design firm?

Whatever your needs we  work with you to develop a finished images that you can be proud of.... Images are shot and processed with the utmost care to detail and usage. And best of all we like to make it easy for our clients, taking the worry out of preparation, logistics, and final images.

Perhaps you have seen us around town...

Perhaps you have seen us shooting around the coast. We shoot on location, offices, casinos for events, some local advertising, Executives, and some not so pretty stuff like industrial photography.  Whatever it is we can photograph your next assignment delivering the kind of quality you need for your audience.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394
e-mail us at


"Stanwycks gave me and my team great Headshots. She came tour office, set up and we got started. We shot 10 employees and then did some of our Installations around the plant, They look Great. Our Website is so much better!"

- John Waldmer, Engineer

"I am a Public Speaker, also do Voice Overs and from time to time do commercials. I needed headshots but didn't want to have just one look or one headshot. Stanwycks Photography did my Headshot's and we did several looks both in the studio and we went to some locations that Vicki suggested. I created a headshot that had the main photo with 3 more images. My card looks great and it shows more of my personality. The thing is one wants to get noticed and sometimes stepping out of the box is just what you need. I love my headshots!"

- Billy McConnel, Public Speaker and Actor

 "I didn't know hat I wanted to do, Model or Act? I called the studio and they came up with several suggestions so I could try to do both. We did Headshots, full body shots,  different outfits, made a comp card, and a portfolio. I have everything I need to get to work... But! the best part is I am working at both acting and modeling. It's a great start and I owe it to that studio on Tchoupitoulas Street. I am discovering my dreams!"

- Jenny Wallace, Model and Actor

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