Mardi Gras Event Photographers

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Quality Photography Work

Stanwycks Photography New Orleans Photo is a Full Service Photography company located in the Uptown Area of New Orleans. We specialize in People, Places and Things...  Photographs always created with love of the Camera. We only use the best materials for our work. All projects are developed using old school photography methods first, then New World Awesome Technologies Next. A great Combination of Image Creation....

Mardi Gras Event Photography

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Mardi Gras Event Photographers

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Mardi Gras Photography

Mardi Gras Gallery

32,000 Mardi Gras Photos a year of the parades, the floats the people. We love Mardi Gras!

New Orleans a great Backdrop for Mardi Gras color...

It has become a New Orleans tradition to get your Mardi Gras pictures from this year will be different. Vicki Stanwycks has been giving Mardi Gras Workshops for the last Six years and again this year as advertised on-line and in Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide. 

Every years since Digital photography was developed, Vicki Stanwycks and her team of photographers have gone into the uptown areas of New Orleans and covered every Mardi Gras parade providing coverage for no charge, creating images of your Mardi Gras experience. Over the years  has created some very colorful images that can be found in many homes and offices all over the city.

However this year we will be shooting in parade at our discretion and your photos can be found on-line, If you receive our yellow card  as always you will find your photos... their just won't be the coverage's we have always provided. This will be for our workshops, art and fun... The images are posted on line and you can view them for no obligation and acquire them in all print sizes, packages and souvenirs. We are getting ready for Mardi Gras this year. See you then, and smile when you see our photographers. Don't forget if you received our yellow card you were photographed by our talented, energetic happy Photographers!

Please Look at our On-Line Art Gallery

Please Look at Vicki Stanwycks Fine Art Gallery on-Line. We have a great selection of images, different techniques and Image treatments available. Thank you.

Call Stanwycks Photography today at 504.899.9394

We are happy to discuss what projects you have coming up and are eager to help!

Mardi Gras Event Photographers

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Mardi Gras is Special Every Year, It's Exciting, Provacative
an Event You Will Never Forget!

Stanwycks Studios is in the uptown area of New Orleans. We are centrally located and offer full coverage for all events Mardi Gras. Give us a call if you need us to photograph an event, a Parade, or something special. We have been covering Mardi Gras for over 20 years and will deliver great images for you, your Krewe, and your family!  If you would like to be on our mailing list please let us know!

Stanwycks Photography, New Orleans Photo

Mardi Gras Parades and Event Photography

Full Coverage Event Photography on Location, Parties, Ceremonies, etc.
  • Parade Coverage on the Parade Routes, Studio's Team of Photographers
  • Mardi Gras Photography Workshops and Classes
  • Retouching available
  •  Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the best party in the world!!!!

A great image looks great in color or black and white. Some images have a timeless feel in Black and white or Sepia tones. Mardi Gras is exciting with all it's color... Color in the people and the floats... Mardi Gras is Happy Energy, that makes happy Images... Check out our Mardi Gras Workshops!

New Orleans Mardi Gras Event Photography


Mardi Gras Photography

Mardi Gras Events, Parties, Mardi Gras Balls and Parades

Call for 2020 Schedule of Events

Events 2020

A) The First Mardi Gras Weekend

B) The Second Mardi Gras Weekend

C) All Day - Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Day

It's Sure to hire Stanwycks Photography for coverage of your Mardi Gras Events...

Call us today! 

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Please Look at Our fine Art Images On-Line

Our Images are available to view and purchase in various sizes, styles and mediums. If you have any questions Please give us a call. If you want something special we can create it for you. Please take a look and happy viewing. Thank you.

Mardi Gras Images and Workshops

Vicki Stanwycks has been offers specialty services to New Orleans and the United States. Presently she offers Photography Workshops on various topics in Photography. Her Beginning and Intermediate Classes are all private and she teaches the ins and out's of the camera, light and shooting techniques. Coaching is also available on-location.

A Little Bit About...

Stanwycks Photography Studio is right in the heart of New Orleans. We have been offering Workshops, Photography Classes and Coaching for over 10 years. Vicki Stanwycks has been a photographer for more then 23 years and started back in New York City with Film. Film Photography gave a great foundation for Digital Photography.

Vicki has been shooting digital since the beginning and was the first one in New Orleans to Post Large Event Photos in New Orleans for Sale. the studio was shooting more than 30,000 images a year for Mardi Gras and posting them for Mardi Gras Goers to look at and Purchase.

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A Few Nice Words....

"Vicki Stanwycks has been using Air Reldan, Inc. for aerial photography for over 20 years. Her demanding criteria of the pilots performance over a photo site is paramount to getting the right images; which is evident when you see the photographic accomplishments created over the years. It is always a pleasure working with her, and her high standards and creativity make her a unique professional photographer"

-Neal Nadler, President Air Reldan. 

"Vicki and I have worked together for years, she is extremely professional, creates great images and is easy and fun to work with..."

 -Arthur Hardy

"Our Executives never looked so Good! She takes the time with our Attorneys and has been giving us what we need for our web site and printed materials for several years.

 -Horice Foley

"After having a Professional Relationship with Vicki over the years She has always been right there with the flow - shooting ships, aerial, and operations; then laborers one day and CEO's the next... Always delivering professional results."

-Lee Alexander

"Vicki always has the knack for not only getting the right shot, but executing the shot in a way that is unobtrusive to the subjects - Vicki has been capturing the magic and the memories of my events for quite a number of years,"

 -David Schulingkamp

"Stanwycks Photography delivers outstanding Images. We have used her for our corporate websites, at our various locations and all our corporate events. Anything we send her way, she gets it done quickly and beautifully..

-Joanne Paisley

"Professional, Efficient, works hard and completes every project in a timely manner, the photography is fantastic. "

-Janine Trottier

Stanwycks Photography in the Heart of Metro New Orleans, Uptown

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