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New Orleans Travel Workshops and Classes

Travel Photography in New Orleans, 

                What you get with this workshop can be applied to any travel excursion

New Orleans is so colorful and awesome, shooting here will get your creative juices flowing for sure....



New Orleans Travel Photography Workshop

When traveling today bags at the airlines need to be lighter, gear needs to be less... and more effective. Images need to be created on the fly depending on our time at our locations. We  work with you before the big trip  to make you more spontaneous, shoot more creatively and see images that you had no idea existed prior to these workshops or classes. We work on your creative eye and help you see more and that  there  are images within images... and we cover many of the creative tools that we have at our fingertips to make images tell the story of your latest travel experience. We can show you how to get better exposures so you are not on the computer for hours at time - this can be a daunting experience.

There is all kind of equipment to buy that promises so much and delivers so little, We cover what kind of digital gear will make your images sparkle as compared to some shooters you may already know. Many have come to see us prior to the their trips abroad to learn how to shoot all of the afore mentioned methodologies  so their travel experience will be lighter, easier, more fun and more memorable because they now have the tools it takes to make it so.

This workshop or class can make all the difference to a once in a life time trip or any trip. Some have traveled to New Orleans and that is the trip they want to create travel photography images for.   Our attendees have taken our workshops and have then traveled  to India, Africa, Europe South America and have come back with outstanding images with many praises of this workshop or their series of classes. Our experience for travel photography comes from traveling all over Europe and working on Cruise ships. Shooting ships and working on Cruise ships is the ultimate in travel experience. Everything is on the fly and there is no store to buy new gear while on a ship,  only a port when you finally get there... LOL... Traveling anywhere and overseas gives a photographer a tremendous image pool if they take advantage of seeing what is there and how to take advantage of it.

Call us today to see if we have an ongoing workshop at this time or we can work with you individually to help you find your inner photographer, who can make images anywhere and fast.


New Orleans Travel Photography  2016   |  Travel Photography -  Workshops & Classes

Travel Photography

Attendees should bring to these classes/workshops their camera and photography gear. Please bring 50 images that you shot recently to this workshop. Laptop and photo software optional.    We will have classes, discussions, demonstrations, shooting on location and critique. 

Shooting travel images  have two functions > fun, and the job of creating lasting memories from the beautiful scenery, the people we encountered and the places we visited. Some locations we don't get the opportunity to go back so we have to make these images good as they are important,  so they will last and tell the story of where we have been and how we spent our time when we arrived,  and with who we encountered.  Travel images are the stronghold of our trip and all that we have left of something we dreamed about, to some, for a very long time. This program will help you create the images that will tell your unique story(s) for sure.

New Orleans Travel Photography

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Travel Photography Workshops & Classes

Shooting Images for travel....

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly  with individuals one on one.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.

Knowing how to travel as a seasoned shooter can make all the difference for a good trip vs. a bad trip...

Travel Photography and the Importance of your Images...

Travel Photography can be awesome when knowing what gear to bring, how to pack, and how to create images spontaneously and be prepared for where you are.

Our travel programs go into many elements of Travel Photography and more...  preparing you for great images and how to capture the story of your journey.

Travel Photography can be the most important aspect to your trip.....


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New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

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