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Light and Shadow  

Light is what creates the image and shadow is what defines the image in combination with light. It's how we control the depth of each in relationship to what we are creating... that is the basis of this workshop.



Light and Shadow Photography Workshops

Light is how we see. Learning how to see that light verses the differences of shadow can make or break your images.  The nuances of light and how your camera sees are covered in this workshop. Workshops discuss digital capture, controls, hands on in the field, assignments, attention to exposure, contrast, filters, Lightroom, the digital darkroom are part of this workshop as well.

Classes are taught at Stanwycks Photography's Professional Photography Studio. Vicki Stanwycks studied at ITT Tech, Germain School of Photography, ICP and several master photographers she worked under while studying and working her career in New York City and New Orleans. She was educated and worked in the days of film and many of these techniques prove invaluable in todays digital arena.

Vicki brings these skills into the present digital arena knowing how to shoot digitally for the most eye catching digital images imitating film. She has a good knowledge of tools that are used in today's digital toolbox creating outstanding colorful images. Her studio prints from large format printers making Giclee prints, on several surfaces and textures on different papers and canvas.

Classes are scheduled individually and in groups up to 6. Individual attendees wanting classes or full days or weekends gain more individual attention.  If you are wanting to combine several areas of photography study, we can do that as well.  Thank you.



 Light & Shadow, Understanding how the camera renders light   2016   |   Call today  

Light and Shadow -  Workshops and Classes

Natural light and understanding the nuances and how it effects our images

Attendees should bring to class their camera, laptop and about 25 images they wish to work discuss or have questions and need answers pertaining to light and shadow. We will have class, shoot on location, process the images created on location, create an approach to style and work with our computers.


Light and Shadow Workshops

Black and White Camera

Light and Shadow are the basis for creating images with any camera, we explore the characteristics of each in depth.  It could change the way you see and how you shoot.

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

Workshops and classes are work mostly with individuals and small groups.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.

Your images will be so much better if you can see how light effects your images.

Call us and we will tellyou what we have available - either in groups or individually

  • Do you want to create a great better, more colorful images?

  • There is a lot more to shooting images than just pressing the shutter. Understand how light effects every image you photograph and how shadows are seen by your lens. 
  • Light and Shadow are directly opposite, learn how to see differently and more like your camera....

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