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  New Orleans Photography Workshops

Choices: Workshops, Classes, Coaching and Tours... A Photo Adventure

New Orleans is quite the adventure, and to capture it with your lens brings you all the color and flavor New Orleans has to offer.

New Orleans Photography Workshops 

New Orleans Photography Workshops 

  New Orleans Workshop and Class Choices

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Photography Workshops

New Orleans Photo specializes in location Photography and working with people.  Our Photographers create looks that reflect images that tell stories.  Location photography in New Orleans can be very  colorful and dramatic depending on what context and perspective you choose to shoot. From the beginner to the seasoned pro... we can show you all around the town and help you create awesome images...



New Orleans Workshop & Class Options

Photography Workshops and Classes in studio and On Location....

Classes In Groups and Individually

Individual Classes & Coaching, Three Segments to a Program

Photography  Coaching Programs, we have several programs that include Photography mentoring and business programs that also discuss Promotional Materials and advertising. Please call to schedule your appointment so you can decide what's best for you.

Workshops at the Studio and all over New Orleans and Louisiana

Classes, Workshops, and Coaching Available

Call the studio to Check Availability. Our Workshops can be modified to suit you and what you want to work on and see. 

Since most Classes, Workshops and Coaching are more individually planned, prices are determined by time spent and  or  how many classes  are necessary to achieve your goals. People coming in from out of town who are spending a few days in our workshops;  a few classes;  or several segments of coaching;  will receive a discount to be determined  based on what we decide.  All Payments are accepted in advance. Groups have a fixed price and will be discounted after three people. Couples will also receive a discount if they are traveling or developing their skills together.  Each workshop is different and requires different times and different scenarios which is why I post the minimums to be expected.  Get ready to make... Craft some Pictures...

Prices are Dependent on what you choose...

Discounts Available for more than one day and or more than one person....

New Orleans Photo Adventures...

We can photograph you in A variety of outfits and styles...

Studio and Location Coaching

"Ongoing" means we do this 7 days a week depending on your schedule and ours..."

 Ongoing 2014 | Call today
Working in front of a Camera Workshop

Everyone thinks it's so easy, right? In this workshop clothing will be discussed, facial care, before the shoot, and different looks will be covered including posing and a shooting session.

Ongoing 2014 | One on One Coaching

 Ongoing  2014 | 2 comments
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We offer workshops for Modeling, Talent, and the Photographer...

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2.5 hour classes

Full Day Workshops

Weekend Workshops

3 & 4 Day New Orleans Workshops