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New Orleans Workshops and Classes, Digital Photography

French Quarter, New Orleans, Bayou Photography


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New Orleans Photography Workshops    

We travel all around New Orleans seeing the sights and sounds of the famous French Quarter, Uptown, Downtown, etc. seeing noted sites that are publicized and written about. We start off with a photography class based on an evaluation we give before we start our programs- based on where you are in your photography... and then we use what you have learned in your class(s) and use it to shoot and photograph  around town.... you will create wonderful images of New Orleans.  See New Orleans privately and away from most of the crowds with an experienced Photographer and guide.  This is quite a New Orleans  Adventure... We offer Days, Weekends, and 3 & 4 day New Orleans Adventures. Each day we start in the morning and shoot till later in the afternoon - dependng on your chosen adventure(s) - with a break for lunch.

We gather for a brief class and then begin our journey.   Vicki Stanwycks assists and teaches how to create images of the New Orleans  Landscape, Architecture, Color,  People, Cities of the Dead and everything New Orleans.  You will see first hand New Orleans and the French Quarter.

We offer one, two and three day Workshops - and for some a whole week! Make a Photographic Vacation and spend it with us, Mentoring and Coaching you to create colorful, compelling images of New Orleans.

Call us today to see if we have an ongoing workshop, or work privately perhaps with you and a friend or spouse... We will offer a discount for 2 or small groups. We  work with you individually to help you find your inner photographer... Fun and interesting to explore while creating and learning at the same time.



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New Orleans Photography Workshop Adventures

Attendees should bring their camera gear to their workshops.   We will have class(s), discussions, demonstrations and on-location shooting of the Spectacular City of New Orleans. Discover New Orleans through the lens of your camera. New Orleans, The French Quarter, even the Bayou are very colorful including the people, the culture and the details of this very cultural, colorful place...

New Orleans Workshops

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New Orleans, French Quarter and Bayou Workshops

Shooting Images in New Orleans and The French Quarter can be an inspiring experience. It's so colorful in New Orleans. The people here have a style all their own embedded in the New Orleans culture. Enjoy the sights, sounds and local color that the historical architecture and colorful surroundings offer for imaging opportunities.

Bayou Workshops can be a wonderful discovery of the Bayou,  Nature and the Cajun Landscape. Create images in the Louisiana Swamp that not many get see and experience.  From the Hanging Moss trees, the swamp, and the interesting nature that looms throughout... the swamp wild including greenery to it's animal population...

Workshops, tours and adventures  are available for this unique experience. We schedule workshops  with individuals one on one or groups no bigger than 4.

If you have more than 4 up to 20 we offer a discount and schedule in advance due to logistics.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.

New Orleans, French Quarter and the Bayou Workshops in Louisiana...

See the Architecture and the People of New Orleans including the French Quarter. The Sights and Sounds, Jazz, Food and Culture. It's all here in New Orleans! Bring your Images to the next level with Vicki Stanwycks as your guide and coach. We make it happen for you in New Orleans.

"Bayou Workshops are a discovery into the Louisiana Bayous showing the natural scenery and wildlife. With a camera  you can create the most wonderful images of your journey. See Louisiana in a natural more exciting way."

New Orleans Workshops can be a wonderful discovery of New Orleans, New Orleans color and the Landscape...

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New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

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