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Stanwycks Photography, has been shooting commercial photography for over 25 years, Vicki Stanwycks  specializes in creating commercial images  of people, places and things.  Our studio offers numerous services successfully. We have worked with many  over the years including corporate entities,  agencies both model and advertising, industrial, Stock agencies, political including the Louisiana Supreme Court, Politicians, CEO's, and  support staff and logistic entities qualifying us to teach, and offer workshops, classes and coaching... not to mention our own extensive photographic education starting in NYC and all over the United States.
We work with people from all walks of life.   We love to use the colorful backgrounds of New Orleans for our commercial work and personal works.   When hired to work in other cities  we find  key locations, developing looks on location using our proven strategies and imaging techniques. Great for lifestyle looks especially stars and politicians.  This is particularly useful for our workshops...
Vicki Stanwycks is also a certified coach and brings skill and experience  to the forefront of the services offered in the studio and to her photography workshops, coaching and classes from this New Orleans based studio.  


Studio Information

New Orleans Photo 
A little about Vicki Stanwycks
Vicki Stanwycks has Been a Commercial  photographer for more than 25 years and is one of the leading Photographers in New Orleans. She works with people creating images for advertising, promotional materials and lifestyle imaging... from concept to reality, Vicki makes it happen.   Vicki Stanwycks knows how to  capture great  images that are compelling and  grab the viewers attention.
Internationally and nationally her work has been used in advertising all over the globe for publication and mixed media usages.
Vicki Stanwycks started shooting commercially on Broadway in New York city  in the late 80's. From there, traveled nationally and to Europe shooting in many public arenas photographing people of Glamour,  corporate settings for Advertising, public relations,  annual reports and mixed media usages. 
Now Vicki  she shoots mostly in New Orleans and the Southern Region for Corporate and Commercial entities. She truly loves photography and helping others with their own photography by offering Photography workshops, Classes, coaching, life coaching and model mentoring.                                          .

Workshops and Coaching

 New Orleans Workshops

 Working behind the lens....
We pride ourselves on the images we create for our clients and for ourselves personally.  Being able to offer Photography Workshops, classes and coaching, has been and continues to be a great experience...since our passion lies in photography.  Be it color, black and white and the technologies that go along with photography and digital imaging, We love helping individuals understand photography and create images that express their own unique visions. Photography is intense. Anyone can take a picture but not everyone can create an image. Understanding the difference between the two is where we come in to show you, work with you and help you create your vision.
Many want to be a photographer...  If it were so easy everyone would be doing it... It takes so much more than putting the camera in automatic or P and clicking the shutter... Creating an images is a thought process and sometimes very spontaneous. Photography can be a reaction to circumstance and it's how we put our cameras into motion to create the image.  Knowing how our tools work is what sets our images apart from picture takers to picture creators.
Clients have grown their photography skills considerably by coming to our workshops, taking our classes and coaching. If you really like photography and want to get into create better images, please look at our web site to see what is offered, and call us about what you want to do. We can work with you for a few hours at a time, a half a day to many days. If you want to see New Orleans and shoot it, we can create an adventure just for you and be your guide!


About Our Workshops and Studio

"Who, What and Where..."

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Welcome to Our Workshops ...

New Orleans Photo, Vicki Stanwycks works with people to create better images, workshops and classes in the studio and shooting on-location. We are Photographers, Certified Coaches and offer workshops and mentoring programs that help your photography skills grow to the next level. We can also work with folks who want to be in front of the camera as we have been shooting and directing people for years in our assignment work.

New Orleans Photo is a full service photography studio,  and on-location. Because of our vast photographic experience we are qualified to offer workshops classes and coaching to small groups and individuals. We can create a photography adventure for you... teach you how to be a better shooter or both... Tell us what you want to do and see > here in the "Big Easy." We have created photography experiences that stretched from the New Orleans French Quarter to the Cajun Bayous of Louisiana photographing the  hanging Moss trees, Shrimp Boats, Camps and alligators, even historical grave yards and then some...

As photographer's we shoot people and places from all walks of life... and bring ideology, methodology and technique to our classes and workshops....

The Landscape, HDR, People, Color, Black & White

  • Are you someone who just loves photography?

  • Do you want to understand what makes a picture and why?

  • Are you taking pictures in Automatic now and want to know how to make your images better?

  • Are you struggling with your camera and exposure issues?

  • Do Computer technologies and software have you confused?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions we can help you in your Photographic Journey for sure...


Vicki Stanwycks, Professional Photographer

Vicki Stanwycks, photographer of New Orleans Photo and Stanwycks Photography has been in the Photography industry for more than 23 years. The studio specializes in shooting people, places and things for advertising, corporate entities and individuals. We love the landscape, the Architecture and people of New Orleans and Louisiana. The culture here is like no other and very colorful at that. Come experience New Orleans and all it has to offer for a true imaging experience. We can create an adventure just for you!

NEW ORLEANS PREMIUM Workshops and Classes

New Orleans Photography Workshops


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We shoot Every where...

I am sure you have seen us around town. We shoot On Location, photographing people, places and things... in natural environment or create environments. New Orleans is a very colorful city and as photographers we get to shoot in excellent locations that set the mood and bring  excitement to your final images.

WE have many workshops available... Do you have a workshop idea in mind? Tell us! We will make it happen. We have photographed people in the city, board rooms, the Bayou, from Planes, Boats, and New Orleans own, Steam Boats. The Louisiana landscape is amazing as well as it's people... Let us show you! Reserve your spot in one of our workshops or classes and you will see... No pun intended... but you will and we will make great images.

News and events

Ongoing 2016 | Workshop
Taught a Workshop on Photographing People for the New Orleans Photographic Society

Ongoing 2016 | Teaching Beginners Workshop

Will be working with clients from Mexico to teach them beginning Photography and how to create images when there is no time to think.

Ongoing 2016 | Teaching Digital Darkroom In Studio
Covering Workflow and Lightroom

Everyone thinks that digital photography is  easy and it is if you know what you are doing. The computer is essential.




New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

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