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Model Photo New Orleans Headshots

Images below are copies of newsletters. The resolution if  used as originals would take forever to load in these pages, the resolution is really high. For the sake of the internet the resolution was lowered dramatically so we cold share this with you...

Learning how to Paint in Corel Painter - With Karen Sperling

Do you like to create art usoing your photographs? Do you like the idea of creating paintings with your Photography? Learn from a master Painter using Corel Painter for Painter Workshop Retreat in New Orleans June 6 to 8. We are taking names right now to get a small class of 10 people in the studio. More to be posted soon...

New Orleans Photo News Workshops

     The Studio 2016.... So much more to come...

Commercial  Photography

New Orleans Photo of Louisiana specializes in Commercial Photography.  Our Photographers create images that reflect you or a company's image.   New Orleans Photo offers simple  sessions of full day assignments either in  studio or on-location. Assignments using New Orleans as a colorful backdrop enhance the southern feel, beauty and looks of the South.  Images are shot with the end result in mind for client's Web Sites, Publications,  portfolio's,  promotional materials and social media sights.  We shoot for corporate, conventions, advertising, industrial , several agencies around town, and on a lighter note, individuals.


We love  shooting on location using the backgrounds we have found  around town and close the studio. If you have some ideas for an assignment please tell us so we can get the ball rolling...

Studio Information

New Orleans Photo of Louisiana is located in the Uptown area of New Orleans. Vicki Stanwycks has been shooting Commercially, Executives, Aerial,  Models and Portfolios for over 22 years. The studio creates images for all facets of life.  Stanwycks has been doing advertising for more than 20 years and has developed a style that can be seen in all her images. Vicki specializes in shooting  commercially for promotion purposes.


 "We  create a plan before any shoot,  knowing details, outfits,  locations, etc. which  eliminates surprises; so the focus can be on your assignment.  When we pull it all together the images look great.   We love our work and making great images."

The Studio and 2013/2014

Last year we had some really great projects all over New Orleans and the United States. We created images that were chosen for the Smithsonian Institute showing Ships in the  United States. We did  aerials all over including the Mississippi river of ships loading various Grain which will be in Washington DC 2014,   We did some work involving the Gulf Coast region and the United States Congress and funding for the wetlands and preserving the fishing industries and conservation issues.

Books have been created  for a few clients commercially that were privately funded. I have shot ships in the Gulf, rigs, water treatment plants both on the ground, boat, plane and helicopter...

The workshops are interesting and always eventful. I have met  alligators and some big snakes this year  in the Bayou.  All in all... It's been a great year and I am sure this year will be another one hopefully better. I want very much to open my horizons more so and as I teach I also learn...  -Vicki

New Orleans Photo of Louisiana


Looking Ahead to 2016 and 2017 and excited about Growth in New Orleans Commercial Areas

New Orleans projected commercial and industrial growth to expand for 2016 and 2017 as major industry relocating to New Orleans and Louisiana Areas

Working with many entities for Models, Actors and Talent within the New Orleans and Louisiana Areas

Worked on Projects with several entities of Washington DC for images for Congress including Images shot  in the Gulf, Bayou and Mississippi River. Images used in Books and display in Washington D.C.

Smithsonian Institute chose Stanwycks Aerial images for new display and Installation in the Smithsonian Institute

Major Real Estate Firm in New Orleans Uses Stanwycks Images for Books and Advertisement for Various in House Publications and National Ads for Hotel and Downtown New Orleans Development

Stanwycks Fine Art Photography Used in Several Corporate Installations Nationally

New Websites for Stanwycks Photography, Expanding

Expanding Studio to the Coast in Mississippi, Gulfport, Biloxi, Bay St. Louis, and all the Surrounding Areas.

Commercial Photography Studio in Uptown New Orleans

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