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New Orleans & French Quarter Workshops and Classes

  New Orleans & French Quarter Photography with your Photo Coach & Guide...



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French Quarter and New Orleans  Photography Workshops...

One could spend days Photographing New Orleans, the French Quarter and much of Louisiana.  New Orleans and this area is filled with so much, exploring  the sights, sounds, watching the culture and engaging the people of New Orleans, and tasting much of the local flavor that New Orleans has to offer. There is so much to do and see here. Let us be your guide! Not only your guide but your Photography Coach and Mentor... Our New Orleans and French Quarter workshops  are  flexible and works around your stay in New Orleans and the French Quarter. Workshops are dependent on what you want to see and accomplish, how much time you want to spend experiencing the city, and what you want to learn.  We have a  consultation in advance so your guide/coach can figure out what would be best for you based on these factors - we make suggestions based on what we discuss and then go make it happen!

Some make this workshop (perhaps combined with the Bayou Workshop's, Urban New Orleans, Cities of the Dead, and other alternatives available) their whole vacation and spend a few days at it, and others who are here for a convention or just becasue, want a day learning, shooting, and experiencing New Orleans and the French Quarter without large tour groups - we creata an individual experience just for you.  We have several options and way we make it fun and interesting.

We have been shooting New Orleans and the sights for over 23 years and know where... and how... to shoot the wonderful things New Orleans has to offer... If you want to see and shoot without the hassle of the crowds and have a New Orleans Experience, this Photography Workshop is for you...

We can combine workshops if you want to spend a few days and create some interesting images of New Orleans and Louisiana. We stay into the Bayou and travel the swamps, please inquire.





Individuals & Small Groups 2016 | New Orleans & French Quarter Photography Workshops & Classes

New Orleans  Photography Workshop, Inquire - French Quarter, Garden District, Urban NOLA

Attendees should bring their camera gear to these workshops.   We will have class, discussions, critique and location shooting of the French Quarter and surrounding areas of New Orleans. Seeing the French Quarter and New Orleans  are interesting and make some interesting images... Discover New Orleans and the beauty of the French Quarter.  We show you where the locals go. We know  the French Quarter  and New Orleans very well, being able to show you the interesting facets of our wonderful, colorful city and make colorful images. New Orleans itself is a great city to shoot in and also creates the most colorful backgrounds to shoot with. Come see for yourself! We will be your personal guide and Mentor...


New Orleans & French Quarter Workshops

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 Photography Workshops & Classes

New Orleans and the French Quarter, Garden Districet, Urban New Orleans, City of the Dead, Uptown, Downtown,

What a Great Colorful Adventure!

Come experience the sights and sounds of New Orleans using your camera's lens to create beautiful images of this great city.

Shooting Compelling Images for travel....

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly with individuals, one on one.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class and Coaching.

New Orleans & the French Quarter creates the most colorful and timeless images...

Workshops are a discovery into the French Quarter as seen by your eyes and your camera's lens. Photograph the streets and the beautiful wrought Iron Balconies that frame the cities streets and French Quarter. With a camera  you can create the most wonderful images of your journey. See New Orleans  and the things you have read about and seen on television. Experience it for yourself. There is so much to photograph here; people, music, culture, history, etc. Come see for yourself...



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New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

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