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Black and White Photography creates a timeless journalistic feel

Black and White Images Create Feeling and Drama

Black and White images provide viewers with an image of timelessness with a journalistic feel. An image is a window  that opens viewers eyes to the moments we as photographers capture and experience. How we present that moment, or a series of moments,  is the photographers responsibility to tell the story,  evoke a feeling, and provide viewers with information about the subject. Knowing how to capture images with those three ideas in mind requires a whole thought process and spontaneity from the photographer to become second nature to be able to react with their camera and viewpoint.

Our tools are a part of us, and as image makers, just like our eyes are a part of us, so are our cameras. Black and white images capture our attention because color must be imagined on a subliminal level. Black and White imagery tells story as an images must stand on it's own, allowing the image and inherent drama to unfold while opening the windows to our experiences or stories.  Our photography's history, and most famous photographers have captured the beauty in black and white imaging. In this workshop we get into the subject's and  digital technological aspects of black and white,  the tonal values of black and white and the psychological aspects of perception in this medium.

Black and White Photography Workshops

Black and White Photography Workshops and classes are taught at Stanwycks Photography's Professional Photography Studio. Vicki Stanwycks is a Master Black and White Printer taught at ITT Tech, Germain School of Photography, ICP and several master photographers and workshops she worked under while studying and working her career in New York City and New Orleans. She was educated and worked in the days of film when black and white was crafted while shooting with filters and long hours in the darkroom were spent developing film and printing large prints. In the Darkroom several processing techniques were applied while developing and printing in a chemical darkroom. Now she applis many of those methodologies to her Digital repetoire.

Vicki brings these skills into the present digital arena, knowing how to shoot digitally for her eye catching black and white digital images,  imitating film. She has a good knowledge of many tools that are used both in the field and in today's digital darkroom, creating outstanding dramatic black and white images. Her studio prints from large format printers making Giclee prints, on several surfaces and textures on different papers and canvas. Workshops discuss digital capture, "hands on" in the field, assignments, attention to exposure during capture, contrast, filters, Lightroom, the digital darkroom are all covered. Classes are scheduled individually and in groups up to 6. Individual attendees wanting classes or full days - Individual and groups of 2 to 4 - gain more individual attention. Particular attention is focused on where attendees are now with their skills and how to bring their abilities to the next level. Please call today to reserve your place in one of our Black and White Workshops or classes. If you are wanting to combine several areas of photography study, we can do that as well.  Thank you.



Individual and Groups - 2016 | Call today   Black and White Workshops and Classes for Individuals

 Shooting for Black & White and Today's Darkroom - Our computer

Attendees should bring to class their camera, laptop, about 25 images they wish to work with. We will have class, shoot on location, process the images created on location, examine and create a journalistic approach to your own style and work with your computers.


Black and White Photography

Black and White Camera

Black and White Images and Photo Journalism go hand and hand....

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly  with individuals  - one on one.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class, let's discuss what's best for you...

Are we snapping photos or creating images? With Instagram and Facebook inherently everyone is a kind of journalist - yet many an image is a snapshot. The difference in a good image maker, and a snapshot taker is our methodology, and the care and craft we take to understand the image and the process to create a fine image and the equipment and thought we use to make a final image.

Do you want to create a great better black and white images?

There is a lot more to black and white than changing an image in Photoshop or light room. We go over it in these classes or workshops.

Black and white imagery brings emotion...

 Which is why journalism was so powerful in the days of Life Magazine. Black and White tells stories differently then colorful imagery. This holds true today in the images we create now and for the endless stories told by so many Journalistic image makers. so many digital cameras...

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