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The Beginning Photographer Workshops and Classes

    Beginning and Intermediate Photography... We simply have to start... We all have to try...

New Orleans Collage 

Beginner and Intermediate Workshops and Classes

The Beginning Photography Workshops and Classes

Beginners Photography Workshops and Classes are comprehensive and cover what you need to understand the elements of photography and your camera(s). 

You love photography and want  do more than just shoot pictures from your phone or use your DSLR camera by using  other functions than in Program mode... or "P."  Even in program mode your pictures are not right.   Do you want to understand photography, and see how to use all the functions on your camera? Rather than simply put your camera in Automatic? We teach you the various functions and tools that go into the nuts and bolts of digital photography and exposure.

Cameras, composition, computers and software are all the functioning elements that make up digital photography.  The computer - Better known as the Digital Darkroom are touched upon...We have Workshops and individual classes for the Beginner. Our classes are 2 - 3 hours long and workshops can be Half days, Full daysor several days.  We offer 1 to 3 classes per segment and 1 and two day workshops or more depending on what you want to work on and need help with.

In this workshop we explore your camera and the cameras functions, how to shoot in different situations and the things you should know moving forward using all the settings on our camera. The classes are in our uptown studio and are coordinated one on one, or up to three or 4 attendees. We believe in individual attention. Workshops are for two days and we work in class, go out and shoot each day, critiques and discussions.

*Intermediate Classes and Workshops

...are for those who are shooting and need more direction to get their images to the next level.

We evaluate what you need to move forward with your camera,  so we can know what to work with you on based on our discussions and the images you are creating now - and what you have shared with us. Please call for details....



Individual Classes 2016 | Call today   Beginners Photography  -  Workshops,  Classes and Coaching

Beginners Photography Workshops, Classes and Coaching

Attendees should bring their cameras, and lenses.   We will have classes, discussions about gear, situations, demonstrations and  location shooting for workshops. In classes - location shooting is optional... Coaching Location shooting is necessary.  This workshops covers the necessary elements of photography that go into the creation of your images. this workshop will expand your knowledge of photography so that the final result is better images for you, less frustration and knowing what to do to get the best photo possible in various situations.

Classes & Workshops 2016 | Call today  Intermediate Photography  -  Workshops, Classes & Coaching

Intermediate Photography Workshops, Classes and Coaching

Attendees should bring their cameras and lenses.   We will have classes, discussions about gear, situations, demonstrations and location shooting for workshops. In classes - location shooting is optional... For Coaching location shooting is necessary. These workshops cover the elements of photography to help the unsure shooter gain confidence and understand what they are doing to create more meaningful and captivating images... and... if  figure out what's working for them or not.  This workshop will expand your knowledge base of photography as you know it now, opening you up to more tools so you can grow your imaging strengths, uncovering and understanding your weaknesses.  The final result will be better images for you with more structure, better use of yuor tools, building certain techniques to become second nature. We make it easy for you!

Beginner & Intermediate Photography Workshops and Classes

Black and White Camera

Beginners and Intermediate Photography Workshops, Classes, and Coaching

Shooting Images personally, a like of photography, and the need to know more....

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly with individuals one on one.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.

Intermediate workshops are for those who are shooting and need to know more than just the basics...   

Beginners Photography Workshops

Better Photos are not by accident. We have to practice like anything else.  Knowing and understanding our tools is the first place to start if we want to get better. These programs are all designed to give you a better understanding of photography so you can create better images.

For those who are questioning what they are doing and desire better results from their cameras and their images.

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New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

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