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The Louisiana Bayou Workshops

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New Orleans Bayou Photography Workshop    

We travel into the Louisiana Bayous with an experienced guide (who is also a captain) and his boat... This is quite the adventure... We start early in the morning and work till later in the afternoon with a break for lunch in a Cajun village area.

At the  start of your Bayou Photo Experience...we gather for a brief class at he studio then travel to Captain Allen's boat. We motor off into the Bayous where our guide brings us to the prime Bayou Areas. Captain Allen will show us the most picturesque areas and his most favorite swamp areas...   showing Cypress Knees, Hanging Moss Trees, Gators, trees, flowers (in season), Louisiana Nature, and it's various animals and Birds reside. Louisiana's Bayous are known for great fishing and we visit fishing areas...  and see some of the locals discussing the catch of the day... We also go visit some historic Grave Yards and the Cajun Lifestyle...  Vicki Stanwycks assists and assists in how to create images of the New Orleans Bayou Landscape, Gators, Hanging Moss Cypress Trees, People, Graveyards and the Cajun Landscape. If you have wondered about the Cajun Swamp lands, wonder no more, and take this workshop.  You will see first hand the landscale and the Louisiana Bayous...

We also have a two day trip in the Atchafalaya River Basin where we stay in the Bayou and travel the swamps. It's really very interesting and a Cajun Experience... please inquire.




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New Orleans Bayou Photography Workshop

Attendees should bring their camera gear to these workshops.   We will have a class, discussions, demonstrations and a tour of the Louisiana Bayous. Seeing the Bayous are interesting but shooting in the bayou makes some very interesting images... Discover the Bayous and create images of  Wild Life, Gators, Nature, Cypress trees, Cypress knees,  fishing villages, the people of the bayou, and all the bayous natural Beauty.

Louisiana Bayou Workshops

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Louisiana Bayou  Workshops & Classes

Shooting Images in the Bayou can be interesting and you never know what wildlife you will see including Gators, Birds, Wild Boar, etc. Hanging Moss Trees, Cypress Knees and various plant life can be found in the swamp and can prove colorful.

Every Day is Different in the Bayou...

Workshops, Classes and Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly  with individuals one on one.  Call today to schedule your Workshop or class.

 New Orleans Photo - Workshop Adventures

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Bayou Workshops in Louisiana...

Bayou Workshops are a discovery into the Louisiana Bayous showing the natural scenery and wildlife. With a camera  you can create the most wonderful images of your journey. See Louisiana in a natural more exciting way.

Bayou Workshops can be a wonderful discovery of the Bayou,  Nature and the Cajun Landscape.

 Create images in the Louisiana Swamp that not many get see and experience. 


"Ongoing" means we do this 7 days a week depending on your schedule and ours..."

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New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

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