New Orleans LA Photography Workshops, Classes and Photo Tours  
New Orleans LA Best  Photography Workshops
New Orleans LA Photography Workshops, Classes and Photo Tours


New Orleans Photography Workshops

New Orleans Photography Workshops

New Orleans Skyline, an Aerial view  shot from a chopper...

New Orleans Sky Line Photo

       Different Styles of Photography, to fit all your photography needs.... People, Places and Things

New Orleans Photography Images



New Orleans Photography Workshops Workshops & Adventures
New Orleans Photography Workshops and Classes

In the Studio and Location

      New Orleans, French Quarter and Cajun Adventures

  • Beginners & Intermediate Photography

  • Bayou Photo Workshops and Adventures

  • French Quarter Exploration Photography

  • New Orleans, and all it's Splendor, Colorful Great Images as seen by you...

  • Black and White Photography

  • Travel Photography

  • Night Photography

  • Light, Exposure, Composition and Creating Art


Stanwycks Studio has been giving workshops for over 10 years in New Orleans and the surrounding areas including several Bayou, Cajun and prime Louisiana Locations. If you want a New Orleans Experience and want to make it happen in Pictures, our studio and photographers can make it happen for you.  We are Photographers and shoot wherever and whatever the assignment is for over 23 years in the photography industry. Vicki Stanwycks, experienced with shooting in all environments; places of all kinds - People, Product Interiors, in the field, nature, and definitely all over Louisiana.... "I have shot images all over the United States and by far New Orleans and Louisiana is one of the most colorful places to create colorful and interesting images... From the French Quarter to the Bayou, we are there and know the best places to make compelling photographs..."  Professionally, one day in the studio with a food stylist, and the other out in the Gulf shooting a rig. We take pride in our work, create great images, and please our clients, no matter the subject matter. Our Photography Workshops, Coaching and Classes are definitely worth exploring if you want to make better photographs and understnd photography in a way that makes sense to you. We have had many students and they keep coming back for more...

Vicki Stanwycks owner of New Orleans Photo - Stanwycks Photography Studio has been a commercial photographer for more than 23 years specializing in commercial photography and people. As you look through the web site at  you will see the skilled images and the creativity applied. No assignment is too big or small. We treat everything with the same amount of talent and professionalism. Call us today to discuss your next project or Photography workshop wishes!     Thank you...

Beginners Workshops and Classes

Beginner's Photography

Workshops and Classes

  • Beginners Workshops

  • Intermediate Workshops

  • Hands On Training

  • In Studio and Location

  • Classes and Coaching

  • Camera Technique

  • Exposure Dynamics and Light

  • Computer Methodologies

  • Composition

  • Finished Images - How it all works together

New Orleans, the Bayou and French Quarter

Create Images in one of the most Interesting areas in the Country

  • Mardi Gras

  • French Quarter

  • Bourbon Street

  • New Orleans

  • Grave Yards, Antebellum Homes, Culture, Color, Sights and Sounds of New Orleans

  • Colorful New Orleans at Night

  • The Bayous

  • Cajun Towns and Villages

  • Black and White Drama

More Hands - On Photography

Workshops, Classes and Coaching

More Camera Technique 

  • Shooting for Color and Black and White

  • Shooting on Location

  • The Digital Darkroom

  • Travel Photography

  • Night Photography

  • Discovering your Art

  • Street Photography

  • Light and Shadow

  • Shooting people

  • Environmental Photography


Headshot Professionals

Info Stanwycks Photography

Vicki Stanwycks has been a Commercial Photographer  for more then 23 years and the studio is located in the Uptown area of New Orleans on Tchoupitoulas Street.  Vicki Stanwycks, manager and Chief Photographer, (Chief cook and Bottle Washer... LOL) has been photographing Commercial assignments  locally, nationally, and internationally since she began her career in New York City over 20 years ago.

 Experienced has served this New Orleans based Photography studio well. New Orleans Photo shoots Commercial Assignments; Products, Food, Aerial, Industrial Photography, etc. including  Headshots - Model & Talent, Executives for Corporate, Politicians, Celebrities, Conventions in New Orleans and Events of all kinds. Vicki Stanwycks gives workshops in New Orleans and all over Louisiana and wherever her clients take her.

Studio: 504.899.9394

Createive Photographers

Workshops, Classes and Coaching

Please take a look around our web site and see examples of what our studio does at   Photography is amazing. Photography is not just a business but a real love of creating images. Being able to offer Workshops and classes comes from a real passion for the art of Photography.   Our abilities to teach  comes from 25 years of experience of great shooting assignments, good schools to start,  and continuing education,  wonderful clients who continually give us work. 

One day we are in the studio photographing food and the next day out in the gulf photographing ships. No day is the same. Stanwycks studio covers all types of assignments from people to product, from industry to aerial, and then some. The studio has worked collectively on some pretty amazing assignments and bring our knowledge to our workshops.

Creative Photographers

Hands on workshops, On-Going based on your Schedule or Ours

What's your Schedule? Is there something you want to see, do or explore?   Do you have a location or theme in mind? We make it happen.  We can figure out a plan that works for you based on your schedule for either locals or individuals coming for a convention or vacation. Many make "This New Orleans Experience," the vacation. And... it really is. 

If you want to see New Orleans we can make it quite the experience for you. All year long something is going on in the "Big Easy." Many have very specific things in mind that they wish to capture and see... Others...  Considering we are locals we will know  what would be most interesting to experience and capture with your camera and of course we have our workshop and classes that we offer.

Please check out our list of classes and Workshops and see what you like. We can also custom do something for you based on what you like and your schedules and ours. Everything subject to availability.

Studio: 504.899.9394